• Rachel Bird, Software Developer

    Ancestry: Mexico
    Residence: California
    What You Should Know:

    Rachel taught herself Python and Ruby through Team Treehouse and Coursera. She then enrolled in Bloc's Fullstack Web Development Boot Camp. Rachel spent the winter of 2014/15 on the island of Crete, Greece, where she completely focused on her studies, finished four Rails projects, and completed the program. She then went to work as a fullstack Ruby on Rails developer for a financial tech company in Northern California.

    Rachel was part an award-winning two-person team that is about to launch an SEC/FINRA compliant chat app for financial advisors. (RachelBird.com)

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    Quote:- https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/latina-engineers-push-against-impostor-syndrome-low-numbers-tech-world-n806976
    Photo: http://www.rachelbird.com/

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    The Latinas Equal Pay Day Commemoration Project features women with Hispanic or Latino ancestry who have leadership stories to tell and aims to inspire other women with a mission to close the pay gap.


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