• Blakeley Hoffman, Stem Expert

    Ancestry:  Puerto Rico
    Residence: Boston, MA
    What You Should Know:

    Alongside another woman of color, Hoffman was awarded the GEM National Consortium Fellowship. She was selected by Adobe Systems Incorporated which is where she will complete the internship portion of the program, reported by University of South Carolina.

    During my undergraduate career I have worked on projects related to fast algorithms for "big data," game theoretic representations of diversity, humanoid robots as elementary school math tutors, machine learning algorithms for autonomous cars, and much more. I am also a founding member of the Women in Computing (WiC) group here at Carolina and am actively involved in promoting computer science education to underrepresented and underserved populations through programs like Google CS First. (Blakely Hoffman)

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    Quote: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/latina-engineers-push-against-impostor-syndrome-low-numbers-tech-world-n806976
    Photo: https://www.cse.sc.edu/

    Photo approval by Blakeley Hoffman

    The Latinas Equal Pay Day Commemoration Project features women with Hispanic or Latino ancestry who have leadership stories to tell and aims to inspire other women with a mission to close the pay gap.


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