• Nellie Borrero, Sr Global Inclusion & Diversity Manager Director | Accenture

    Ancestry: Puerto Rico
    Residence: Born and raised in New York City
    What You Should Know:

    Nellie created the first role for diversity efforts at Accenture. She is also one of FORTUNE and the Association of Latino Professionals for America’s 50 Most Powerful Latinas of 2017. ( Working Mother)

    Link Sources

    Quote:- http://hispanicexecutive.com/2017/accenture-nellie-borrero/
    Photo: http://www.workingmother.com/nellie-borrero
    Additonal Sources: https://www.accenture.com/us-en/company-nellie-borrero-courage-fight-for-inclusiveness

    Graphic approval by Nellie Borrero


    The Latinas Equal Pay Day Commemoration Project features women with Hispanic or Latino ancestry who have leadership stories to tell and aims to inspire other women with a mission to close the pay gap.


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